Scientist Profile: Dr. Craig Mello

Dr. Mello's research on chromosomal function and DNA-mediated transformation in C. elegans led to the Nobel Prize winning discovery that short RNA fragments can silence the expression of targeted genes.  RNA interference has become an important tool for studying gene function and has been shown to be a normal part of gene regulation during embryonic development.  [More...]
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Tritech Research, Inc. was founded by a Harvard Ph.D. biologist to be of service to the scientific community. Our products are designed to save time, money, and to optimize convenience. As each lab's research needs are unique, we are happy to customize our standard products and even custom-engineer items just for your lab!! When you call us, you'll get personalized customer service and expert technical support. Researchers from all over the world turn to our expertise for custom-made devices that fit their laboratory needs. This degree of customized engineering is unique to Tritech Research and part of our philosophy that allows you to talk to motivated, inventive, and flexible individuals who share your passion for research.

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We have a convenient, quiet, energy-efficient incubators with heating/cooling temperature control, which is great for maintaining fly stocks, or growing S2 cells. General Activity Monitoring provides an important control for any study in behavioral genetics. Therefore, we can provide built-in interior jacks that can accommodate up to 20 TriKinetics Activity Monitors. See details about the drosophila incubator.

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For Vaccine Development research, we developed the DigiTherm® Unibator™ and DigiTherm® HexaBator™. Conveniently programmable, these incubators have the ability to switch to refrigeration mode and rapidly cool samples to stop biological and chemical reactions at preset times or by remote control over the internet! See details of the Unibator

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We have developed our own microinjectors: the analog MINJ-1, the digital MINJ-D, the high speed pneumatic MINJ-FLY, as well as the positive displacement microinjector MINJ-PD used for injecting stem cells into the brain, spinal cord, and embryos. They cost only a fraction of competing systems and allow you to control both the pressure and the duration of the microinjection pulse with exacting precision, or the actual volume in the case of the positive-displacement-type injector.

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Upon repeated demands from researchers, we developed an inexpensive, efficient, and reliable media dispenser, the PourBoy. We also have the low est prices on Petri Dishes.

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Our Cloning Gun® electroporators are the only cordless, rechargeable, and hand-held electroporators available, providing you several years of innovation and development in one compact, small device.

Our BactoZapper® Cloning Gun® can achieve transformation efficiencies (TE) of over 1010 transformants per µg of input DNA with E. coli bacteria harvested in stationary phase, and the MammoZapper® version achieves TEs exceeding 50% of viable cells with a variety of standard mammalian cell lines and has successfully transfected neurons, astrocytes, neuroglia, lymphocytes, monocytes, fibroblasts, epithelial and endothelial cells.