Pipette Holder Keeper

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Narishige's HIK-5 pipette holder keeper is attached to a clean bench or iron plate. Alternatively, it can be attached to the supplied round metal plate which can be affixed in the desired location on a microscope stage with double-faced adhesive tape. *Sold in pairs.

Colorful labels to chose from

Labels for HIK-5 pipette holder clamper

Setting Example

HIK-5 Pipette holder clamper setting example:clean benchHIK-5 Pipette holder clamper setting example:microscope sideHIK-5 Pipette holder clamper setting example:stage topHIK-5 Pipette holder clamper setting example:joystick top
Clean BenchMicroscope SideStage TopJoystick Top


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Accessory includedRound metal plate
Self-adhesive label x 8
DimensionsW16 × D16 × H32mm