Terms & Conditions

  • Prices are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to correct typographic and other errors and not be bound by them.
  • Purchase orders accepted from most major institutions. Discounts only applicable to orders paid by cash or check in US dollars. We charge a fee for receiving T/t / EFT / ACH payments.
  • Net payment due, paid by check only, in 30 days, or a 1.5% monthly late charge applies.
  • Shipping and handling charges on some items.
  • Standing orders accepted for automatic or "Will Call" shipments.
  • International orders welcome; prepayment required. Most products are available in CE marked 220/240 VAC versions, at slightly higher costs. We charge a fee for receiving T/t / EFT / ACH payments. Please call for details.
  • All of our products are sold as For Research Use Only. This means that using the equipment is itself research because the equipment is not a consumer product and not guaranteed to be safe or reliable. We, like many small manufacturers of customized research equipment, can not afford to, and do not, carry product liability insurance, nor can we afford to procure safety certifications, such as UL listing or certification as is common with consumer and medical devices. So, we offer our equipment For Research Use Only, and state that the purchase and/or use of our equipment demonstrates your agreement that in no event shall Tritech Research, Inc. be held liable for Direct, Indirect, Special, Incidental, or Consequential damages related to it. Tritech Research cannot and will not indemnify its customers or users of its products against any form of liability or legal action. That being said, we often build our equipment using UL, CSA, CE, etc.-listed components. Call us anytime to discuss the safety features and risks associated with any item we sell, before making a purchase.
  • We have our own Standard Terms and Conditions and specifically do not accept those of other institutions. We accept orders via phone, fax, website, e-mail, and mail. By placing an order with us, you agree that we can ignore any attached, referenced, or otherwise implied terms and conditions in favor of our own. To receive a valid change to our standard terms, you must request and receive a memorandum or contract signed by one of our corporate officers.
  • Privacy: By ordering from us, you agree that we may, on rare occasion, give other researchers your contact information so that they can request your impartial review/comments regarding our products and/or services. You accept that we may from time to time disclose the identity of our customers and their institutions. If you register on our website and publish anonymously, we will only disclose your true identity if required to do so by a valid court order. We record the IP addresses and other available information about our visitors for security and statistical purposes. We will not sell any information about our customers, registered users, or visitors.


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