BactoZapper® Cloning Gun® Electroporation System

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Cloning Gun Options

Voltage Adjustability

The BactoZapper® version of the Cloning Gun® is a cordless, rechargeable, hand-held electroporation instrument that achieves Transformation Efficiencies (TE's) of over 1010 transformants per µg of input DNA with E. coli bacteria. The completely portable, hand-held design makes transformation a simple process. Just plug in one of our revolutionary disposable Pipectrode® pipetting electrode tips to The Cloning Gun. Draw your DNA mixture into the Pipectrode using the ergonomic precision thumbwheel-operated pump, pull the trigger to zap it, and eject your transformants into an Agar Plate - all in less than 15 seconds!

      Unlike other systems, our Pipectrode® makes the time consuming process of transferring your DNA mixture back and forth with pipettes obsolete. When you compare the low cost of The BactoZapper and its Pipectrode chambers with the cost of conventional electroporators, cuvettes and chemically competent cells, the increased efficiency in terms of transformants per dollar is quite impressive. If you figure in time and convenience, especially in high-throughput experiments, the increased efficiency is truly remarkable. Finally, electroporation is the only way to go when working with high molecular weight plasmids (>18 kb).

      Electroporation is a simple low-cost procedure for every scientist. Don't pay more for the antiquated technology offered by other manufacturers. You can use The BactoZapper right at your own bench, or for contamination-sensitive samples, take it to the sterile hood.

      The BactoZapper® version of The Cloning Gun® revolutionizes E. coli transformation. The Cloning Gun comes factory pre-set to the optimal parameters for transformation. TE can be greater than 1010 per µg of input DNA for cells harvested in phase. Even with standard stationary phase cells, prepared using our revolutionary, super-easy cell prep featuring our CompBooster® Solution, overnight cultures can exceed 109per µg.

Key BactoZapper Features:

  • Pipectrodes cost less than cuvettes, yield a higher TE (due to reduced cytotoxicity of the thin stainless steel electrodes as compared with ionizing aluminum electrodes), yet are more environmentally friendly.
  • While sold as "disposable", Pipectrodes can be reused many more times than cumbersome cuvettes.
  • You don't need an oscilloscope to know that it is working - simple red, yellow, and green indicator lights let you know if your sample and DNA performed according to normal parameters.
  • At least ten times faster than any other electroporation device.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Small and portable, cordless/rechargeable.
  • Use it at your own bench or in the sterile hood!
  • Much less expensive per transformation than commercially available competent cells.
  • 100-fold higher transformation efficiency, with much faster sample prep as compared with home-made CaCl2 cells.
  • Only The BactoZapper® is optimized to work with the revolutionary Stationary Phase cell prep, developed at Tritech Research, which can yield over 2 x 109 transformants per µg using simple overnight cultures.

Comparison for 100 Transformations (>2 x 109/µg)**
 Company "Cuvettes" Cells* Supply Total Time in batches of 5
BioRad 2 x $135 10 x $99 $1260 200 min.
BRL 3 x $70 10 x $150 $1710 300 min.
BTX 2 x $126 none available $1800? 200 min.
Invitrogen 2 x $125 10 x $175 $1900 200 min.
Stratagene 2 x $135 10 x $135 $1620 200 min.
Strategene "Ultra Comp." 10 x $145 $1450 700 min.
and a world apart...
 Cloning Gun 2 x $75 5 x $50 $400  <17 min.

For a recent comparison of the Cloning Gun to other electroporators by The Scientist Magazine, click here for a copy of the article on our site, or here for The Scientist Website. FAQ's

Q: What is the advantage of the voltage adjustable version versus the standard preset version?
A: The degree of electroporation is the product of the electric field strength (voltage) across the cell and the time that it is applied. Based on the size and "toughness" of common laboratory E. coli strains, we were able to make a single-setting BactoZapper with no adjustments needed. For transforming other bacterial strains, various other voltages will give the optimal transformation efficiency. If you are transforming other bacteria other than E. Coli, we definitely recommend that you get the voltage-adjustable version so that you can try different settings to get a good transformation efficiency for your other species and cell-prep protocols.

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