Pipectrode® Electroporation Chambers for BactoZapper® Cloning Gun® (50/pack)

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The Pipectrode® represents a major technical advance to electroporation. The most important factors for highest transformation efficiency are low toxicity, temperature control of the sample during electroporation, and rapid recovery afterward.

Thin surgical stainless steel electrodes backed by water-ice temperature stabilizers provide a superior environment for cells during electroporation. We make use of the latent heat of fusion of water (it takes the same number of calories to melt 1g of ice as to heat 1g of water 80°C!), so your sample stays cool, which is important to avoid arcing. Since the Pipectrode is a pipette, you can eject your sample into recovery buffer instantly.

Comparison Costs for 100 Transformations (>2 x 109/µg)**
 Company Cuvettes Cells* Supply Total Time in batches of 5
BioRad 2 x $135 10 x $99 $1260 200 min.
BRL 3 x $70 10 x $150 $1710 300 min.
BTX 2 x $126 none available $1800? 200 min.
Invitrogen 2 x $125 10 x $175 $1900 200 min.
Stratagene 2 x $135 10 x $135 $1620 200 min.
Strategene Ultra Comp. 10 x $145 $1450 700 min.
and a world apart...
 Cloning Gun 2 x $75 5 x $50 $400  <17 min.

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