Single-Axis Motorized Stereotaxic Micromanipulator (with Digital Scale)

DMA-1511:  $10,378.38 - Discontinued
Narishige's DMA-1511 single-axis motorized stereotaxic micromanipulator incorporates a motor and sensor in the drive unit, enabling more accurate positioning of microelectrodes.
This remotely-operated micromanipulator uses a closed-loop control system to feed back the positional information of the drive unit to the control unit, enabling the user to derive the precise coordinates.

Coordinate Calculation
This function enables the user to set an arbitrary position as a reference point and the display is capable of showing the distance traveled from the reference point set. Position measurement system saves you the inconvenience of calculating the distance traveled, during and after each experiment.

Serves Various Functions in Various Experiments
An arbitrary distance is configurable in both step drive and free drive. The use of the step drive allows you to advance the microelectrode while checking cells, one by one.

USB Communications Interface
USB communications interface enables remote-control operation, permitting automatic drive to a specified position as well as interfacing to external hosts such as PCs through application programs.

Mountable on existing Stereotaxic Micromanipulator SM-11
Mountable on the SM-11 you already own, enabling you to upgrade your current system easily.





DMA-1510 + SM-11
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