Stereotaxic Micromanipulator (with Digital Scale)

DSM-11:  $7,027.03 - Discontinued
Narishige's DSM-11 stereotaxic micromanipulator digitally displays coordinates calculated by angle in real-time.

The distance traveled by the slider is displayed digitally, improving the efficiency of experiments using stereotaxic instruments. In addition to the DSM-11, which can be used as-is in stereotaxic instruments, the DSM-11D and DSM-15D, which include digital scales on our SM-11 and SM-15 micromanipulators, are provided.

Accessories included Special Screwdriver
AC Power Cord
Allen Wrench
Movement range Coarse Z60mm
Fine X30mm, Y30mm, Z35mm
Full rotation of knob 500µm
Measurement range 0 - +35mm
Resolution 1µm
Accuracy ±1µm
Angle setting range 0 - 90°
Power Source AC100 (±5%), 50/60Hz
AC120 (±5%), 50/60Hz
AC220 (±5%), 50/60Hz
AC240 (±5%), 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 5W or less
Dimensions/Weight Drive unit W150 × D132 × H225mm, 1.9kg
Control unit W150 × D220 × H70mm, 2.3kg

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