DigiTherm® CO2 Heating/Cooling Incubator

DT2-CO2-47:  $2,918.92 - 7-10 days

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Note: As of September 2014, we have upgraded our incubators to use a higher-quality, more robust 38-liter enclosure. While it is slightly less deep from the door to the back wall, the height and width remain the same and it has a superior door seal, internal recirculation fan and heat pump assembly.

Never before has an incubator with all these features been offered for such a low price. Tritech brings the ultra-high-tech Microprocessor controlled, solid-state heating/cooling incubator with a NDIR CO2 sensor down to earth.  This incubator is ideal for mammalian and insect and plant cell culture.

     Your research deserves the best incubator, and now you can afford it.  At this price, you can keep your lab happy by having more than one incubator, eliminating the risk of spreading contamination between experiments.

Key features include:
  • Heats and cools interior with 0.1°C Precision to settings of 10°C - 60°C (from 25°C ambient)
  • Solid-state Thermoelectric heat-pump for long life, no heating coils, no compressor, no freon
  • Microprocessor-controlled for reliability and ease of use
  • Lightweight enough to be portable; mobile and battery backup options available
  • User-friendly, yet sophisticated, alarms alert you if the incubator falls out of desired parameters, even if due to the door being left ajar.
  • Fast Temperature and CO2 Parameter Recovery.
  • Leveling feet for even cell culture medium distribution in dishes
  • Easy to calibrate to your own NIST-traceable thermometer
  • Nearly silent operation with ultra-low vibration
  • Energy Efficient - draws less than 100 watts at maximum heating or cooling
  • Excellent for Near-ambient temperature incubations - uses energy only as required
  • Stores parameters for fast auto-recovery after a power failure
  • Modern design with upgradeable microprocessor for specialty applications, such as:
    • Integrated, timed lighting system for Circadian experiments. (DT2-CIRC)
    • Automatic ramping or switching between temperatures. (DT2-CIRC)
    • Temperature / CO2 data logging.
    • Complete I/O module for bidirectional communication / control with a computer.
    • Almost anything else you can think of -- call us with your ideas!
  • The 38L model weighs less than 30 lbs (13 kg)

In order to help you optimize space in your research lab, Tritech Research's stacking Rack (DT2-STACK) for its 38L Incubator allows to stack incubators on top of each other. The maximum recommended number of incubators to stack on top of each other is three (and requires 2 racks).

Click Here for exact incubator dimensions. FAQ's

Q: Can you purchase just the CO2 controller and sensor to maintain levels of CO2 within an incubator without purchasing the incubator itself?
A: Yes, we do sell our CO2 incubator's control box without the actual incubator. We don't have separate the temperature and CO2 control and monitoring functions, so you would get a completely functional controller capable of both CO2 and thermal regulation of your enclosure. You can just ignore the thermal regulation aspects if you so choose. The unit uses fuzzy logic to determine how much pure CO2 to inject into your enclosure to maintain the percentage that you set, and also to recover the percentage quickly after the door has been opened. Please contact us for prices.

Q: How does the CO2 sensor work and the required pCO2 input?
A: We use a special infrared sensor that has a solid-state filter to switch between measuring and reference wavelengths so that there are no mechanical moving parts, and it uses a solid state IR source, so it is less sensitive and more stable than units that use a micro incandescent bulb with a filament. The sensor itself is attached to a cable via a screw-on connector so it's easy to remove / change if that ever becomes necessary. The sensor has built-in temperature compensation. The control box is all solid state, so we expect that it will last decades. The valve that we use to control CO2 injection is normally used for industrial automation, and it is rated for over a billion cycles, which would be over 1000 years of normal operation for your incubator. The sensor has a 2-year warranty to remain within its stated accuracy of 0.1%CO2 at 5% CO2. After that, you can optionally send it in for calibration/testing or calibrate it yourself by using the control box to set an offset vs some NIST-certified measurement device. From a practical point of view, you can put a sample containing something like phenol red in the incubator and get a good sense that things are reasonably correct by looking at the color of the dye; most customers never recalibrate. We typically recommend a CO2 input pressure of 30 psi for our incubators, but pressures in the range of 10 - 60 psi are fine. The unit learns how much CO2 to shoot per 30 seconds at any given input pressure to compensate for a particular delta-CO2.

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