DigiTherm® Unibator™ CO2 Rapid Cooling Incubator

DT2-UNI:  $11,891.89

Optional Computer

The Tritech Unibator™, a CO2 rapid cooling incubator, has been crucial to groundbreaking HIV vaccine development research (Sylwester, A. W., Hansen, S. G. and Picker L.J. (2014)).
Originally developed and optimized to meet the needs of cytokine flow cytometry-specific protocols (ICS and ICSS), this unit is now been made available for wider use. One of the unique features of this product is the rapid cooling which eliminates the need to tranfer samples from the incubator to a refrigerator, reducing the risk of contamination and allowing for highly reproducible results. This unique system has the ability to cool from 37°C down to 4°C in less than 20 minutes, unlike any other product currently on the market!

With our included DeviceCom3™ Software for bidirectional communication / control with a computer, you can give commands and receive information from practically anywhere. With automatic switching between temperatures, you have the power to program an entire experiment with no need to come back to the lab to move samples or change parameters. The Unibator™ is designed for tube, dish,bottle, and muti-well plate based experiments in a single chamber. As an alternative, the Tritech HexaBator™ is designed for high throughput multi-well assays, with six chambers, each individually controlled by the software for experiments under different conditions or timing for maximum efficiency).
For your convenience and comfort, the machine is quiet with ultra-low vibration.

Never before has an incubator with all these features been offered for such a low price. Tritech brings the ultra-high-tech Microprocessor controlled, solid-state heating/cooling incubator with a NDIR CO2 sensor down to earth.  This incubator is ideal for mammalian and insect and plant cell culture.

Your research deserves the best incubator, and now you can afford it. 

Key features include:

  • Heats and cools interior with 0.1°C Precision to settings of 0°C - 60°C (from 25°C ambient)
  • Rapid cooling and heating (37°C to 4°C less than 20 minutes)
  • Optimized for Cytokine Flow Cytometry (CFC, also Known as ICS and ICCS)
  • Microprocessor-controlled for reliability and ease of use
  • User-friendly, yet sophisticated, alarms alert, with SMS text messages, when the desired parameters are off, even if due to the door being left ajar
  • Fast Temperature and CO2 Parameter Recovery.
  • Leveling feet for even cell culture medium distribution in dishes
  • Easy to calibrate to your own NIST-traceable thermometer
  • Quiet operation with ultra-low vibration
  • Stores parameters for fast auto-recovery after a power failure
  • Automatic ramping or switching between temperatures
  • Temperature / CO2 data logging
  • DeviceCom3™ software included for bidirectional communication / control with a computer.


Q: Is there a way to connect the Unibator directly to (and control/monitor it with) a dedicated computer (my unit only has an ethernet port), in the absence of a local internet? The DeviceCom3 manual mentions using a crossover ethernet cable to connect directly to a computer. Can you provide instructions for setting up this type of connection?
A: Yes, in fact, modern computers can recognize a direct connection, so you can use a regular CAT5 ethernet cable, and you don't need to use a cross-over cable. What you do need to do, is to manually set the IP address of the computer to be in the same range as, but not identical to, the IP address of the Unibator. For example, let's say that your Unibator has these settings:
Subnet Mask:
Then you must set your computer to the same Subnet Mask, Gateway, and an IP address that is 192.168.1.XXX where XXX is any number between 2 and 254, but *not* 200. For example make the computer's IP

Q: Is there a way to upgrade my existing Unibator to a HexaBator?
A: No, although some of the components look similar, those similarities are only superficial and they are very different internally.

Q: Do you offer an updated version of DeviceCom3 or a more user-friendly software program for connecting to/programming the Unibator?
A: That depends on what features your version has. During development of the HexaBator, we worked with the Picker lab to improve the software, and then we rolled those improvements back into DeviceCom3. There are no listed version numbers, but here is something that you can check: If you want to set the Time menu or T1Time or T2Time, in the current version, you can set it as 18:00:00 or 6:00:00pm, whereas in the original version you would have to set it to "1080" because 6pm is 1080 minutes past midnight. If you have the old version, you can upgrade to take advantage of those improvements.

Q: Is there a better way to remotely access the system, in place of Yahoo Messenger?
A: Yahoo changed their protocols, so remote control via Yahoo Messenger is no longer working. What you absolutely can do is to connect using DeviceCom3 remotely from any device that runs Java. It works from Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It theoretically could work from Android devices. If you need remote control via a messaging service, please contact us and we'll let you know the latest options.

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