DigiTherm® Microscope Temperature Control Air Bath

DT3-BL:  $1,729.73 - Special Order

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The DigiTherm® Temperature Control Air Bath lets you precisely heat almost anything. It is ideal for controlling the temperature of samples on a microscope stage, and has capabilities superior to systems from other manufacturers costing thousands of dollars.

You get a customized version of the reliable Tritech DigiTherm Temperature Controller coupled to a high power heat blower.

The unit can be aimed directly at a microscope stage (from above or below), to surround your samples and microscope optics with temperature controlled air! This is particularly important for high magnification experiments where the objective lens touches and heat-sinks the sample.


Q: Does this system provide high temporal precision in cooling down a small volume of air surrounding specimen such as a mouse forepaw?
A: The DT3-BL airbath is designed to slowly adjust its warm air output to surround a microscope stage area and sample with temperature controlled air. It has a fairly large temperature sensor that is to be placed in the target area for feedback regulation. For both of these reasons, it may not be well suited for your experiments.
We might be able to custom-make something that would work for your specific experiment. A solid-state infrared light source combined with slow continuous room-temperature air movement and a non-contact infrared thermometer might be appropriate. If you can accept a contacting system attached to the forepaw, a small peltier-effect thermo-electric heatpump and miniature temp sensor would work. You could use our regular DT3 controller (with it's optional bi-directional computer interface and software) to experimentally determine the right amount of power to send to the heatpump to get the desired heating, cooling, and ramp speeds.

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