DigiTherm® Microscope Stage Temperature Control Kit

DT3:  $810.81 - Special Order

Power Options

The DigiTherm® Temperature Control Kit lets you precisely heat or cool almost anything. It is ideal for controlling the temperature of samples on a microscope stage, and has capabilities superior to systems from other manufacturers costing thousands of dollars.

     You get the reliable Tritech DigiTherm Temperature Controller and 12 volt high current power supply found on our incubators, coupled to a pair of solid state Peltier Effect Thermoelectric heat pumps. Each heat pump has it's own mini heat sink and fan to dispose of heat pumped out of your apparatus, or collect heat from the environment to pump into your apparatus, depending on your requirements.

     The heat pumps can attach directly to a microscope stage, a metal plate, or a small container to control the temperature of a solution. Custom made plates, for example to control the temperature of a particular size of Petri dish or cell culture flask are also available. If you need us to mount our heating kit directly to your existing microscope we can provide this service.

Basic Kit: $750.00† (Additional heaters/fans/peltiers, available upon request)


Q: What types of microscope stage temperature controllers do you have?
A: The DT3 is the custom-made controller and power supply for all of the custom-made stages we produce. Some versions are heating-only, and some are heating and cooling. Some use resistive heating, some use peltier-effect thermoelectric heat pumps, and others use a variable speed coolant pump and coolant channels in the stage. Please let us know what your application entails, and we would be happy to design or recommend the perfect system for your work.

Q: What are my options for a temperature controller that alternates between two temperatures?
A: There are two options for going between two temperatures.
1) We have a dual temperature version of the controller that allows you to set 2 temperatures and a transition time. It switches from Temp1 to Temp2 at the appropriate time; however, the ramping rate is variable and not controllable.
2) We have a version of the controller with a bi-directional computer interface, and software that allows for user-programming of temperature ramps of arbitrary complexity (within the physical limitations of the controller and its power rating).

Q: What are some different types of custom cooling plates offered?
A: We custom-make a few different kinds of cooling plates. The price will be based on how large they have to be, and also the source of the cooling.
For example, we make a system that is very low / flat with water channels. For that one, we have a temperature controller that is a variable-speed water pump. You would fill a cooler with ice and some water. As an example, for keeping plate at 16 deg C, the system regulates the temperature to 16C by controlling the speed of the ice water flowing to the plate - fast and the plate would be close to 0C and no flow would be room temperature. The controller learns the right speed to keep the plate at your set temperature.
Alternatively, we can make a more powerful system that actively cools the plate. This could be done via a chiller or by using solid-state thermo-electric peltier-effect heat pumps and fans. Keep in mind that it is important to keep as much of the plate covered as possible, otherwise it uses a tremendous amount of power.

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