Auxiliary Mouse Ear Bar

EB-6:  $756.76 - Ships in 1-5 days
Narishige's EB-6 is a more friendly auxiliary mouse ear bar for use with the SR series stereotaxic instruments. The design keeps the eardrum intact and reduces injury to the mouse ear tube. The fixing points are more dull, making it easier to fix the ear tube without puncturing anything or causing bleeding in the ear. The user saves on recovery time due to perforated eardrums and ear tube injuries, and can quickly move on to the next imaging / recording procedure. This non-rupture-point ear bar is also more practical for chronic and awake experiments.

This picture shows the EB-6 attached to the SR-5M-HT sterotaxic frame for mouse research:

EB-6 with SR-5M-HT image

Dimensions / WeightW45 ~ 63 x D37 x H12mm, 35g

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