Micropipette Grinder

EG-401:  $5,837.84 - Discontinued - Replaced by EG-402
Narishige's EG-401 replaces the EG-400 and is the best unit we offer for high-precision grinding. It includes a built-in microscope to observe the pipette at contact with the grinding plane. The EG-401 is typically used for beveling glass microcapillary microinjection needles, yielding both a sharper needle and a larger opening. It can also be used for almost any fine polishing operation.

A "whetstone" grinding disk is spun by a stabilized variable-speed motor for either fast grinding or ultra-precise polishing. The EG-401 microgrinder includes a z-axis micromanipulator, a water dripping device to provide continuous lubrication, and an integrated microscope to monitor the grinding process.

Accessories included Adaptor for Vertical Grinding
Diamond Wheel Cleaner
Dedicated Pipette Holder
Hex Wrench
Power Cord
Movement range Pipette manipulator: Approx. 47mm
Microscope: X approx. 7mm, Y30mm, Z approx. 8mm
Magnifications 30x (eyepiece 10x, objective lens 3x)
Glass capillary O.D.1mm - O.D.1.5mm
Working voltage AC100V - AC240V (+-5%), 50/60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 10W
Moter speed Approx. 150 - 2,000rpm
(The diamond wheel may be stopped under 150rpm.)
Dimensions/Weight W250 x D450 x H400mm, 6.6kg

Q: Can the EG-401 be used to prepare needles with the smallest and sharpest openings possible?
A: The EG-401 microgrinder can be used to open the needles while beveling them at an angle like a typical hypodermic needle so that it has a sharp edge in comparison to a relatively big opening for that sharpness. The micro grinder is popular for people who inject chorionated eggs, such as insect eggs, to help pierce the chorion.

Q: What is the main difference between the EG-45 and EG-401?
A: The EG-401 includes a microscope, which is needed in order to see when you are beveling the needle. The EG-401 includes a super long working distance objective. The EG-45 has more limited uses, such as if you are making larger needles that you can see with your eyes. Or you can get your own dissecting scope with long working distance objective. For example, drosophila injections need sharp needles- so you the EG-401 would be more suitable.

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