Magnetic Stand

GJ-8:  $210.81 - In Stock
Narishige's GJ-8 magnetic stand can be used with 12mm outer diameter bar mount type manipulators including the MM-3; MMN-3; MMN-3R; MMN-33; MMN-33; MMN-333; MMN-330; M-3333; M-2; M-3; UMM-3C; UMM-3FC; UMMJ-3FC; UMM-2FC; and UMM-2C.

It features a 12mm diamter x 175mm horizontal mounting pole, and 14mm OD x 175mm vertical pole for extra stability. The unit stands 230mm tall (with the 175mm vertical pole pllus the 55mm tall magnetic base). The GJ-8 can attach to our MINJ-HB or IP iron plates.

Magnet dimensions W50 x D80 x H55mm
Dimensions/Weight H230mm, 1.6kg

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