Electrode Holder for 1mm electrodes, 4mmø bar

H-7:  $64.86 - Ships in 1-5 days
Narishige's H-7 electrode holder holds electrodes with outer diameter between 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm. It is ideal for electrophysiology manipulations.

NOTE: If you were considering using H-7 in a microinjection setting, for example, with a microinjection manipulator such as MN-151, we recommend that you switch either to Narishige's HI-7 or Tritech Research's MINJ-4. These provide a more reliable interface for applying pressure to microinjection pipettes and obviate accidental breaking of needles.
*For O.D.1.0 - 1.5mm pipettes
*Bar O.D.4mm

The H-7 has a two pipette holding groves, so it can function as a dual pipette holder or dual electrode holder. It can hold 2 pipettes in parallel, 4mm apart from each other; however, it does not allow for fine independent positioning of the two glass needles or 2 electrodes... For positioning two pipettes or electrodes, we recommend HD-21.

Here is a mechanical drawing showing the dimensions of the end of the H-7 holder:

mechanical drawing

Length/Weight L120mm, 10g

Q: Is the HI-7 needle holder compatible with the MINJ-1 or MINJ-D micro injectors?
A: The HI-7 needle holder does not come with any tubing, so in order to attach it to the MINJ-1 or MINJ-D, you will need to purchase 2mm OD tubing (such as the CT-1). The tubing will need to be installed onto the HI-7 (usually via fire glazing) and this can be done on your own or Narishige can install it if you order both items together.

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