Oil Hydraulic Ball Joint Micromanipulator w/ Two-electrode Holder

HDO-2:  $2,054.05 - Discontinued
With oil hydraulic exchange system and simultaneous use of two pipettes.

This is a joint unit which enables two pipettes to be placed side by side and controlled from a single micromanipulator. By presetting the positions of the two pipettes, they can be exchanged instantly by means of a lever close to the operator's hand. A special holder is provided for placing the two pipettes side by side. When in use, this model is attached to the micromanipulator itself instead of via a ball joint or universal joint.

Accessories included Dedicated Injection Holder, Silicone Rubber Gasket,
Allen Wrench
Dimensions/Weight Control unit W70 x D100 x H115mm, 1.08kg
Drive unit W120 x D48 x H70mm, 160g

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