Precision Pneumatic Injector

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Narishige's IM-11-2 is a pneumatically operated microinjector that allows suction and injection of a microsample with precision and operability comparable to oil hydraulic injectors. It features maintenance-free operation for IVF and transgenic work. If you were considering an Eppendorf Celltram or a "mushroom" injector, consider the IM-11-2 as an alternative for both quality features and price.

This model incorporates a new pneumatic injection mechanism, with extremely smooth control and a reduced dead volume for superior responsiveness comparable to oil-filled microinjectors. Since it doesn't use oil, there are no maintenance issues like topping up the oil, re-filling, or removing air bubbles. New quick-connect fittings allows for quickly changing tubing and needle holders without tools! Coaxial course and fine control knobs enable pressure to be changed both quickly and with high precision. This injector is recommended for use for both injecting on the microinjection side and also for the cell holding side. The unit is self-contained (no additional syringes needed).

There are two identical versions of this product available. The IM-11-2 is "For Research Use Only" and the IM-11-2a is an identical product that is FDA registered for medical procedures such as IVF / ICSI. The IM-11-2a has an extra fee associated with it to cover the Medical Device Excise Tax that is charged as per the PPACA ("Obamacare"). Please specify which model number you want at the time of order.

A variation of the IM-11-2, designated IM-12, is a shorter/stubbier version of the IM-11-2 with only course control. If you need the IM-12, we can special-order it from Narishige Japan - contact us for a quote.

Key Features

IM-11-2 1) Quick-connect tubing connection
The quick-connect fitting makes it easy to insert, remove, or replace the tubing that goes to the pipette holder, using just your fingers. The same fitting is found on the included HI-9 needle holder, so it is now trivial to replace the tubing or remove the needle holder for cleaning. The quick-connects also allow the tubing to be rotated so that it doesn't kink, thus the needle tip can be rotated by rotating the holder.
2) Pressure release push-button
A one-touch pressure relief valve allows pressure to vent from the injector so you can zero the pressure at any point within the travel of the internal syringe. This makes it easy to adjust the responsiveness, create the perfect balance pressure in the pipette, or instantly release an egg or stop an injection.
3) Responsiveness is adjustable
As mentioned in feature 2, by zeroing the pressure at larger or smaller syringe volumes, the operational responsiveness can be decreased or increased, respectively, according to your preference.
4) Course and fine pressure adjustment
A long syringe and coarse/fine coaxial control knobs allow the amount of pressure change per knob rotation to be increased by approx. 25x compared to other injectors with only a fine movement. This gives access to a wide range of pressures, quickly, without sacrificing fine pressure control.


Accessories included Quick-change Needle Holder (HI-9)
Cleaning Rod
Tubing (CT-4)
O-ring (IMO10)
Silicone Grease
Silicone Rubber Gasket (HI01PK01)
Hex Wrench
Movement range 40mm
Dimensions/Weight W167 ~ 214 x D55 x H78mm, 680g
Tubing length 1.2m


HI01PK01 Silicone Rubber Gasket For 2.5mm (10pcs)
HI-9 Quick-change Pipette Holder for IM-11-2 only
CT-4 Tubing for ø2mm ø2mm x 1.2m
IMO10 O-ring 3pcs

Accessories for IM-11-2 are made exclusively for IM-11-2. Please contact us before considering other accessories.
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