IM-21:  $2,000.00 - Available
Narishige's IM-21 is a compact, oil microinjector with new functions that simplify the oil-filling process. It can be used for various purposes such as ICSI, injection of DNA, RNA, CRISPR Cas9 in mammalian eggs and fish eggs, injection of ES cells and IPS cells, nuclear transfer and cell pick-up.

Multiple Functions

IM-21 plunger
Changeable Plunger Movement: Plunger can be moved back and forth without turning control knob. Provides easy oil filling and air bubble removal.

IM-21 switch
Built-in Channel Switch: No need to connect 3-way stopcock. Allows you to switch the flow channel easily.

IM-21 tube
Easy Tube Connection: Insert tubing and tighten knob.

IM-21 cylinder
Built-in Plastic Cylinder: Provides clear visibility through plastic.

Accessories included IM-H3 Injection Holder Set(*1)
O Ring
Silicone Rubber Gasket
Silicone Grease
Cleaning Rod
Movement range Plunger 20mm
Full rotation of knob 500um
Control capacity Full rotation of knob approx. 10ul
Dimensions/Weight W127 - 147 x D56 x H78mm, 620g
Tube Length1m

(*1)IM-H3 is a jointed set consisting of HI-7, CT-1.
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