Suction Unit for IM-400 Electric Microinjector

IM-400B:  $1,762.16 - Ships in 5-7 days
Suction Unit exclusively for IM-400 Electric Microinjector

The IM-400B is a suction unit for Electric Microinjector IM-400. to fill the solution into the needle through the pipette tip.

IM-400 + IM-400B Setting example

IM-400 and IM-400B Setting example

* Electric Microinjector IM-400 is sold separately.

Accessories includedConnecting cable (1.5m)
Input hose (Ø 6mm with Y Union fitting)
Injection tube (Ø 2mm, with Y Union fitting)
Supply Pressure0.4 ~ 0.7MPa
Suction pressureapprox. -0.08Mpa
Dimensions/WeightW53 x D200 x H190mm, 1.6kg

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