IM-9B:  $1,405.41 - Discontinued
Narishige's IM-9B microinjector incorporates a new mechanism to improve operability. This mechanism improves the parallelism of the plunger within the syringe and prevents the development of any play. Reducing fluctuations of the handle tension, which have many possible causes, makes control much smoother.

     The new mechanism and drive sections are built into the handle, while the handle itself is made larger: however, the overall design is smaller, and operability is improved, with a higher driving volume facilitating a greater control volume. The attached glass syringe is accurately made and allows the operator to choose a preferred type.

     The specification of this model allows precise control of both injection and aspiration: we recommend its use at the injection side after it has been filled with oil.

*O.D.7mm - 14mm commercially available syringes also mountable.

Accessories included IM-H1 Injection Holder Set(*1)
SYR-12 glass syringe(*2)
O Ring
Silicone Grease
Silicone Rubber Gasket
Allen Wrench
Three-way Stop Cock
Cleaning Rod
Movement range Plunger 53mm
Full rotation of knob 500um
Control capacity Full volumes 1060ul, Full rotation of knob approx. 10ul
Dimensions/Weight W175 - 228 x D55 x H77mm, 0.65kg
Tube Length1m

(*1)IM-H1 is a jointed set consisting of HI-7, CT-1 and CI-1.

(*2) IM-9B is compatible with SYR-1, SYR-6, SYR-11 SYR-12, SYR-13 SYR-14.
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