Pneumatic Microinjector (for Holding Side)

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Pneumatic Microinjector (for Holding Side)

Injector for the holiding side attachable to the manipulator joystick

This pneumatic injector is intended exclusively for holding an egg. It can be attached to the manipulator joystick and allows for delicately holding and releasing an egg in a secure manner - and is operable with only one finger to conduct micromanipulation and suctioning work simultaneously. Two types of tubing with different inner diameter measurements are included to customize the response speed.

IM-HD1 can be attached to the joystick of MMO-202ND, MO-202U, MOM-202D, MON-202D, MWO-202D, ON series and NT series.
* When attaching to TAKANOME MTK-1 series, refer to IM-HD1T.

Accessories includedInjection Holder HI-9
Cleaning Rod
Tubing CT-4
Tubing (CT-1-1.5)
Silicone Rubber Gasket (HI01PK01)
Hex Wrench
Dimensions/WeightW24 × D55 × H54mm, 58g

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