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Easy change of the observation position

The ITS2-O isolation system for the two microscopes of Olympus BX-51WI and BX61WI employs a stable isolation table on which both a specimen and micromanipulators can be fixed independently of the microscope.
With the microscope firmly fixed in position, the base can move in both X and Y planes. This mechanism enables the operator to change the observation position without moving either the specimen or the micromanipulators.
The stainless steel stage allows the operator to set up several micromanipulators, in any position required, by means of magnets or screws. From the previous version ITS-O the holes have been changed and are aligned in the optical axes which will allow an easier setup of the micromanipulators.

ITS2 Microscope setting example
Microscope setting example

ITS2 Setting example
MHW-3 + NMN-21 + NMN-25 Setting Example


Compatible microscopesITS2-OOlympus BX-51WI / BX61WI
ITS2-NNikon Eclipse FN1
ITS2-ZCarl Zeiss Axio Examiner
Accessory includedHex Wrench
Movement RangeFineX22mm, Y22mm
Full rotation of knob 500μm
Minimum graduation 2μm
Dimensions/WeightW640mm x D510mm x H287mm, 43kg

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