Thin Three-Axis Coarse/Fine Micromanipulator

M-3333:  $1,470.27 - Ships in 1-5 days
Narishige's M-3333 is a thin three-axis coarse/fine micromanipulator. To enable recording from multiple microelectrodes, the body of this model is made as thin as possible, with all the handles positioned in a single direction. Use of the X-Rotating X-Blocks (sold separately), makes it possible to place many microelectrodes close together without taking up too much space.It is of course possible to mount a single-axis fine movement unit on the X-axis for a more careful approach to the specimen.

*Use X-4 X-blocks and GJ-8 magnetic stand or equivalent equipment to attach this model.

*Changing the H-1 that attaches the manipulator to optional oil hydraulic micromanipulator such as MO-10 enables remote controlled X-axis fine movement.

Accessories included H-1 Electrode Holder, Allen Wrench
Movement range Coarse X40mm, Y12mm, Z30mm
Fine X7mm, Full rotation of knob: 250um
Minimum graduation: 10um
Dimensions/Weight W126 x D43 x H145mm, 340g


Q: What are the dimensions of the mounting bar on the M-3333? Is there a magnetic stand that can hold it effectively?
A: The mounting bar on the M-3333 is 12mm in diameter and about 25mm long. We offer magnetic stands that can accommodate a 12mm mounting bar, including the GJ-8.

However, it is generally inconvenient to directly mount the M-3333 directly to the GJ-8's upper cross-clamp, and restrict how you position the manipulator since it would be sitting directly over the magnetic base instead of out and away from it.

To remedy this issue we recommend the X-4 rotating X-block in conjunction with either the GJ-1 or preferably the GJ-8, which provides additional weight and stability.

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