Head Holding Device (with Angle Adjuster / for Mice)

MAG-2:  $4,648.65 - Ships in 5-7 Days
* Attachable chambers: CF-10, CP, CP-1, CP-2

For observations of a mouse under a microscope.

After bonding a chamber onto the head of a mouse on the SR-9M-HT Stereotaxic Instrument, the MAG2, designed to be compact in size, can be transferred and placed under a microscope or other experimental instrument for performing observations/experiments.

The MAG-2 can be placed under a laser microscope or stereomicroscope, and is most suitable for in vivo observation/imaging experiments. It is equipped with angle adjusters for obtaining deeper images.

In the photo, MAG-2 is shown holding a CP-1 mounting plate (that is sometimes attached to the animal with temporary or permanent dental cement).

Setting Example:

MAG-2 Setting Example

Angle of Inclination
Longitudinal inclination
Longitudinal inclination (± 10°)
Longitudinal inclination
Lateral inclination (± 15°)
Accessories includedCP-1 Chamber Plate (one each)
CP-2 Chamber Plate (one each)
Hex Wrench
Vinyl Sheet
Dimensions/WeightW87 x D136 x H58 ~ 72mm, 232g
Maximum angle of inclinationLongitudinal± 10°
Lateral± 15°
Load-bearing Capacity0.5kg

* The chamber frame is customizable to your own application. Please contact us for details.
* The CFR-1 Chamber Frame (for rats) can NOT be attached.

MAG-2 system diagram

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