Motor-drive Oil Hydraulic Fine Open-Type Micromanipulator System

MDO-974:  $10,000.00 - Ships in 1-5 days
Oil Hydraulic-Motorized Hybrid drive offers precise control.

MDO-974 is the motor-driven oil-hydraulic micromanipulator suitable for in-vivo experiments on middle-sized animals, mainly NHP primates. Based on the manual oil-hydraulic mechanism of MO-97, the hybrid model installed with stepping motor enables speed control as well as greater driving precision, which are impossible to be performed by manual model. As a merit of the hydraulic part that requires no electricity, the hydraulic-tubing line keeps some distance from the motor to the animal's head, so that the sound or noise from the motor is suppressed during the experiment. Operational setting for drive is easy to do, which is completed by entering speed directly, or entering distance and time. The range of drive speed is set as 0.1um/s to 500um/s. The speed can be changed on the way to the target, so you can make the electrode closer to the target with a faster speed, and then change it to slower speed as final small-step approach. The closed chamber is equipped with acrylic XY stage which control knobs drive 18mm on each axis.

* Distance between the control unit and motor unit can be extended from original 2.9m(9.5ft) in total to 7m(28.2ft) by MD-DCE-7 (sold separately).
* Palm-sized compact controller MD-OH-1 (sold separately) is also available.

Accessories includedChamber (MO-903E)
Chamber Cap
SS Guide Tube (ø0.7 × 60mm)
Threaded Round Bar
Connecting cable (2.9m)
Power Cord (2.5m)
Spare fuse (inside of fuse holder)
Length of hydraulic tubing1.5m
Drive source5-phase Stepping Motor
Movement rangeCoarseZ50mm
Z30mm (Motor drive)
Setting range Speed range 0.1um/s ~ 500um/s (0.1um/s increment)
Distance range 1um ~ 30,000um (1um increment)
Time range 1s ~ 60min (0.1s increment)
Working voltageAC100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption15W
Dimensions/WeightDrive UnitW61 x D46 x H130mm, 125g
Motor DriveW98 x D32 x H56mm, approx. 250g
Control unitW180 x D260 x H95mm, 2.5kg

* The control unit controls one drive unit only; cannot control two or more drive units.
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