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Narishige's MF-900 is a versatile microforge with multiple functions for making different kinds of microtools.

Based on Narishige's many years of practical experience, the MF-900 offers a wide range of functions for making many different kinds of microtools by processing microneedle tips. A pair of easy-to-use manipulators are provided for positioning the heater and pipette, and the microscope can be moved three-dimensionally using controls close to the operator's hand. Separate rotation mechanisms for vertical and horizontal movement allow the pipette to be approached at any angle, while a special device in the heater section can form it into any required shape. In addition to conventional scales, a protractor to measure angles is provided in the microscope eyepiece. The heater turned ON and OFF via a foot switch, and the heater section is integrated into the microscope body, so all control actions are performed easily, precisely and ergonomically.

Accessories includedMF-900F Foot Switch, AC Power Cord
Dedicated Pipette Holder, Allen Wrench
Spare Heater, Spare Lamp
Silicone Rubber Gasket
Movement rangeHeater manipulatorX14mm, Y14mm, Z14mm
Pipette manipulatorX12mm, Z28mm
MicroscopeX approx. 7mm, Y30mm, Z approx. 8mm
Magnifications50x/100x (Eyepiece 10x, Objective Lenses 5x, 10x)
Glass capillary∅1mm
Power SourceAC100 (±5%), 50/60Hz
AC120 (±5%), 50/60Hz
AC220 (±5%), 50/60Hz
AC240 (±5%), 50/60Hz
Power consumptionApprox. 35W
Dimensions/WeightW200 × D350 × H300mm, 6.1kg
Optional accessories
MF-OPOptional lens kit for MF-90035x objective lens
15x eyepiece with micrometer
15x eyepiece without micrometer
MF-OPAOptional objective for MF-90035x objective lens
MF-OPBOptional eyepiece for MF-90015x eyepiece without micrometer
MF-OPC Optional eyepiece for MF-90015x eyepiece with micrometer
PT-BPlatinum wire heater150µm × 300mm
MF-900L3Lamp Replacement bulb


Q: What is the difference between the MF-830 Microforge and the MF-900 Microforge?
A: The MF-830 is specialized for polishing patch clamp pipettes, while the MF-900 is more adjustable and can be used for a variety of polishing, cutting, and bending operations.

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