MF-900:  $7,297.30 - Discontinued
Narishige's MF-900 is a versatile microforge with multiple functions for making different kinds of microtools.

Based on Narishige's many years of practical experience, the MF-900 offers a wide range of functions for making many different kinds of microtools by processing microneedle tips. A pair of easy-to-use manipulators are provided for positioning the heater and pipette, and the microscope can be moved three-dimensionally using controls close to the operator's hand. Separate rotation mechanisms for vertical and horizontal movement allow the pipette to be approached at any angle, while a special device in the heater section can form it into any required shape. In addition to conventional scales, a protractor to measure angles is provided in the microscope eyepiece. The heater turned ON and OFF via a foot switch, and the heater section is integrated into the microscope body, so all control actions are performed easily, precisely and ergonomically.

Accessories includedMF-900F Foot Switch, AC Power Cord
Dedicated Pipette Holder, Allen Wrench
Spare Heater, Spare Lamp
Silicone Rubber Gasket
Movement rangeHeater manipulatorX14mm, Y14mm, Z14mm
Pipette manipulatorX12mm, Z28mm
MicroscopeX approx. 7mm, Y30mm, Z approx. 8mm
Magnifications50x/100x (Eyepiece 10x, Objective Lenses 5x, 10x)
Glass capillary∅1mm
Power SourceAC100 (±5%), 50/60Hz
AC120 (±5%), 50/60Hz
AC220 (±5%), 50/60Hz
AC240 (±5%), 50/60Hz
Power consumptionApprox. 35W
Dimensions/WeightW200 × D350 × H300mm, 6.1kg
Optional accessories
MF-OPOptional lens kit for MF-90035x objective lens
15x eyepiece with micrometer
15x eyepiece without micrometer
MF-OPAOptional objective for MF-90035x objective lens
MF-OPBOptional eyepiece for MF-90015x eyepiece without micrometer
MF-OPC Optional eyepiece for MF-90015x eyepiece with micrometer
PT-BPlatinum wire heater150µm × 300mm
MF-900L3Lamp Replacement bulb

Here is a video that shows how to set up the MF-900 for first use:


Q: What is the difference between the MF-830 Microforge and the MF-900 Microforge?
A: The MF-830 is specialized for polishing patch clamp pipettes, while the MF-900 is more adjustable and can be used for a variety of polishing, cutting, and bending operations.

Q: How can the MF-900 be used for making fire polishes needles?
A: Fire polishing can be done for many different effects and they generally all yield a round opening. If you do it slowly for a longer time, the tip-edge will get very smooth, curved, and fatter, reducing the ID and increasing the OD. If you do it hotter and very quickly, the tip will not change shape much, but any microscopically sharp edges or particles will melt/fuse leaving a smoother, less sharp end. The MF-900 can be set for either of these modes.

Q: What is the general procedure for making pipettes using the MF-900 and how much time does each pipette take?
A: The MF-900 is a device that can perform many different operations, such as cutting the tips of pipettes, fire-polishing, bending, etc. The amount of time to achieve any particular result will decrease with practice/experience. Generally speaking, it takes some time to set up the device to get a particular result, and then it takes a much shorter time to reproduce that result with multiple pipettes.
As an example, you will start by pulling the pipettes to a particular taper with your puller and store up a supply of them. Then you will load each one into the MF-900 holder and position the tip in the built-in microscope's field of view using the micromanipulator knobs. You will have the platinum heater wire with glass bead standing by at the correct position so that it will contact the tip at the point where the ID is the desired size, hit the foot pedal to heat the glass bead, make contact, and this will cause the tip to break quite evenly. At a microscopic level, I would describe the edge as sharp-even more than I would describe it as smooth-curved. In other words, the inner and outer edges will be sharp. If you prefer a smooth rounded edge, you can run the pipettes through the MF-900 again, and, in this case, position the cut end next to the platinum heating element. With a short pulse of high heat, you can fire-polish the tip.
In general, it will take you more than 1 minute and less than 5 minutes per pipette for each operation, after you have everything set up.

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