Optional lens and objective for MF2- Lens set 50x/100x

MF2-LS1:  $702.70 - Ships in 1-5 days
This is an optional lens kit for the Narishige MF2 microforge. It contains a 5x objective lens, 10x objective lens, and a pair of 10X eyepieces (one with and one without micrometer reticle).
This set is the best option to make micropipettes for microinjection experiments that requires the work of cutting, fire-polishing, bending and forming a spike.
* Compatible with microforge MF-830 and MF-900 (previous models).

Eyepiece with micrometer:

Objective Lens 5x24mm x 31.5mm OD, 50g
Objective Lens 10x24mm x 42mm OD, 80g
Eyepiece 10x27.8mm x 45mm OD, 30g
Eyepiece 10x with micrometer27.8mm x 48.5mm OD, 30g

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