microINJECTOR™ Holding Pipette Controller (HPC)

MINJ-3:  $427.03 - Ships in 3-5 days
As an added option to the microINJECTOR™ System you can hold your target with our state-of-the art Holding Pipette Controller (HPC)The HPC allows you to pick-up and hold your target with vacuum suction then release it with positive pressure. It allows a continuous range from vacuum through positive pressure depending on the position of the pedal. Ideal for holding and manipulating targets such as embryos and oocytes. Also useful for injecting ES cells into Blastocysts. As any of our customers will attest, within a short time you will be proficiently getting transformants.


Q: What are the technical parameters and configuration of the MINJ-3?
A: The MINJ-3 is attached to a positive pressure source, such as a N2 cylinder with regulator, or compressed air. It converts the positive pressure into a variable vacuum using Bernoulli's Principle. It can go from a strong vacuum to strong positive pressure, but for normal use, it is set near the neutral position and then used to weakly suck on to the sample and weakly detach from it, using the minimum pressure needed.

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