microINJECTOR™ Brass Straight-Arm Needle Holder

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Tube Fitting
(see Photos below)

Tubing Length

The Tritech Research Brass Straight-Arm Needle Holder is compatible with the microINJECTOR™, or any other microinjection system.  Using a simple compression system, it holds microcapillary injection needles from 0.5-1.5mm in diameter.  Customized versions are available for 2.0mm and other sized injection needles.  The standard needle holder shaft is 4mm (5/32 in) in diameter with a total holder length of 140mm (5.5 in) for maximum compatibility with Narishige and other micromanipulators.  Other sizes are available by special order.

The MINJ-4 comes with a quick-connect and tubing but we are happy to customize your needle holder connection according to your needs. Please choose the one you need from the pre-defined choices (see pictures below) or call us at 310-446-4460.

MINJ-4 QuickConnect Fitting
MINJ-4 w/ Quick Connect for
2mm OD tubing for MINJ-1,
MINJ-4 Swage Fitting
MINJ-4 Swage Fitting
1.5mm OD tubing
For Non Tritech devices
MINJ-4 Swage / Luer  Fitting
MINJ-4 Swage / Luer Fitting
For MINJ-PD and Syringes
MINJ-4 Swage / Swage Fitting
MINJ-4 Swage / Swage Fitting
built prior 03/2015

The following picture shows how the fittings hold a capillary needle onto the MINJ-4 needle holder.

how to mount a capillary needle onto the MINJ-4 needle holder

This is called a "quick-change" needle holder because once the fittings are assembled, to change needles usually only requires the user to loosen then main nut, remove one needle, insert another, and retighten the nut. The brass and silicone compression fitting usually maintain their positions, so the main nut doesn't need to be removed. However, if a new needle can't be inserted, carefully remove the nut, collect the fittings, and thread them onto the new needle as shown above.

Here is a video that shows how to change the tubing in a quick-connect:

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