microINJECTOR™ Needle Holder for SlipTip® and Luer-Lok® Needles

MINJ-4SLIP:  $75.68

Tube Fitting
(see Photos below)

Tubing Length

This Tritech Research Brass Straight-Arm Needle Holder is compatible with the microINJECTOR™, or any other microinjection system.  This special version is designed for those who prefer to use SlipTip® and Luer-Lok® Needles (that push or twist on) instead of our MINJ-PP glass needles.  The standard needle holder shaft is 4mm in diameter for maximum compatibility with Narishige and other micromanipulators. Other sizes are available by special order.

The MINJ-4SLIP comes with a quick-connect and tubing but we are happy to customize your needle holder connection according to your needs. Please choose the one you need from the pre-defined choices (see pictures below) or call us at 310-446-4460.

MINJ-4 QuickConnect Fitting
MINJ-4 w/ Quick Connect for
2mm OD tubing for MINJ-1,
MINJ-4 Swage Fitting
MINJ-4 Swage Fitting
1.5mm OD tubing
For Non Tritech devices
MINJ-4 Swage / Luer  Fitting
MINJ-4 Swage / Luer Fitting
For MINJ-PD and Syringes
MINJ-4 Swage / Swage Fitting
MINJ-4 Swage / Swage Fitting
built prior 03/2015

Here is a video that shows how to change the tubing in a quick-connect:

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