microINJECTOR™ Needle Holder for Pathogens and Sterile use

MINJ-4SSS:  $372.97 - Ships in 3-14 days

Disposable Filters

This unique Tritech Research Sterile Needle Holder is designed for use with pathogens, and it is compatible with the microINJECTOR™, and most other microinjection systems. It is unique in that all parts are stainless steel except for a high temperature fittings, so the holder is fully autoclavable. A quick-change disposable sub-micron barrier filter prevents most pathogens from being aspirated into the injector and contaminants from entering the needle from behind. A simple compression fitting holds glass microcapillary injection needles with a 1mm outside diameter and allows them to be changed quickly without disassembly. Customized versions are available for other needle sizes. The holder shaft is 4mm (5/32 inch) in diameter for maximum compatibility with Narishige and other micromanipulators.

Please call or e-mail to specify the input fitting (typically 2mm O.D. PTFE tubing or a Luer-Lok®).

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