Anti-vibration Base Plate

MINJ-AVP:  $400.00
Tritech Research's anti-vibration base plate is intended to assist in the damping of vibrations of your research microscope and apparati from outside influences and provide better photo and video capture as well as improved microinjection accuracy at a fraction of the cost of other anti-vibration systems. Amazingly, it dampens vibration by a few orders of magnitude!

      The Tritech Research MINJ-AVP is compatible with the Tritech Research MINJ-1000 complete microINJECTION system and will also accommodate most other inverted microscopes including the Olympus IX71, Nikon TS100, Ti, TE2000, the Zeiss Axio, and many others. It is an upgrade and replacement for the discontinued Narishige SBP.

Dimensions/Weight W355.6 x D508 x H47.6mm, 7.25kg

Q: Can the MINJ-AVP be used in place of MINJ-HB or Narishige IP for attaching the GJ-8?
A: The GJ-8 will stick to the MINJ-AVP (it is steel) and it should be possible to balance the scope / micromanipulator combination by adjusting the location of the foam feet of the MINJ-AVP. This would be the same kind of weight balance situation if the micromanipulator was mounted to one side of the microscope stage as is the case with our MINJ-1000.

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