Laboratory Air Compressor 56dBA Oil-less

MINJ-CMPR1:  $754.59 - In Stock
This laboratory air compressor allows you to use our microINJECTOR™ products without the need for a nitrogen cylinder or compressed air tank, so you'll never have to get a refill. This electric compressor measures only L12.6 x W15.1 x H15 inches and maintains its 1-gallon tank at up to 120 psi. It is a low-maintenance oil-less compressor and relatively quiet for in-lab use (~56dBA when running)... and it doesn't have to run very often because our microinjection equipment uses so little air per injection pulse!

The output has a pressure regulator so that it can be set to deliver 60 psi or whatever lower pressure you choose as the input to our MINJ-D, MINJ-FLY, MINJ-1, or IM-400 microinjection controllers. The output regulator has one of our 1/4-inch quick-connect tube fittings for easy attachment to all of our microINJECTOR™ devices.

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