Drosophila Anesthesia CO2 station

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The Drosophila CO2 Work Station allows flies to be anaesthetized with unparalleled precision, convenience, and safety.  An electronic foot pedal allows the user to deliver just the right amount of CO2 to keep flies asleep. This saves a lot of CO2, compared with continuous-flow systems, is much less likely to inadvertently kill important specimens due to over-anaesthetizing, is much more convenient than systems that require users to reach around and hand-operate valves in the middle of genetics, and is safer, for all concerned, than using organic solvents as anaesthetics.

The MINJ-DROS-EXP is an expansion station for either the MINJ-DROS-1 or the MINJ-DROS-2. Any number of stations can share the same compressed gas source; just contact us via phone to easily and quickly design or upgrade a system to suit your specific lab or classroom space and number of users.

We also recommend ordering each of these with a MINJ-DROS-FP for the most convenient use.

Additional tubing can be ordered here


Q: There appears to be a leak in the CO2 regulator, it becomes very cold and the CO2 tubing becomes foggy.
A: When there is a leak, the expanding CO2 absorbs calories and causes the temperature to plummet. It is important that in your normal use, the CO2 flowing out through the regulator is kept to a low flow rate, or, if higher, that the flow is sporadic and not continuous. Since the electronic valves have a small aperture, the flow will be limited there (and at the blow guns). 10 psi is fine and 30 psi might be better to get decent flow when the valve is activated by the foot pedal. As long as all the valves are closed and there is no flow (and nothing is leaking), nothing will get cold. On the other hand, even at 5-10 PSI, if the blow gun or the valves are on for minutes at a time, things will start to freeze up. Typically, the way you set things up works well and it is reasonable to have up to 3-4 stations on a single regulator as long as the people use the foot pedal and blow gun sparingly.

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