Drosophila Anesthesia CO2 Blow gun

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The Tritech Research Drosophila Anesthesia CO2 Blowgun allows any researcher to easily pre-anaesthetize flies prior to placing them on the microscope stage or the MINJ-DROS-FP fly pad. Sorting flies under your dissecting stereomicroscope for genetics work has never been easier, more convenient or more cost-effective!

The pistol grip blowgun offers variable flow control and is lightweight, ergonomic and very intuitive to use. The simple trigger allows the user to deliver just the right amount of carbon dioxide to keep flies asleep. The convenient needle tip is designed to be slid into fly vials past cotton plugs (cotton, rayon, or Flugs) or caps for easy anesthetization. The blowgun will save your lab on CO2 costs compared with continuous-flow systems, and is much less likely to inadvertently kill important specimens due to over-anaesthetizing. It is safer than using organic solvents as anaesthetics.

The blowgun can easily be used in conjunction with the MINJ-DROS-1 or the MINJ-DROS-2. Any number of guns, stations, and flypads can share the same compressed gas source; just contact us to easily and quickly design or upgrade a system to suit your specific lab or classroom space and desired number of users.

The output is an 18 gauge stainless steel needle tip with a nickel plated brass base. The input is an easy to use quick connect fitting which will allow you to easily attach or detach 1/4" outer diameter tubing.
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