Complete Epi-Fluorescence Attachment for MINJ-1000 Microinjection Station

MINJ-F-EPS:  $5,459.46
This attachment is easily integrated into the back of the MINJ-1000.

Complete Epi-Fluorescence Attachment for MINJ-1000 consists of the following:
  • • Epifluorescence attachment with filter cassette for excitation observation (3 cube capacity; Cubes must be purchased separately)
  • • Lamp house HBO 100W
  • • Collector lens
  • • Mercury lamp socket for HBO 100W
  • • Starter unit HBO 100W
  • • Mercury lamp HG-100W
  • • Lamp centering tool
  • • Sample saving excitation block slider
  • • Ultraviolet light shield
  • • UL/CSA power cord

The following filter sets are available for use with this EPI-Fluorescence unit:

Extra mercury arc bulbs can be purchased as well: MINJ-F-HG

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