Tritech Custom Glidestage™ for Microinjection

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The Tritech Research GlideStage™ is a customized stage that provides a fine level of manual manipulation for microinjection at a fraction of the cost of motorized stage manipulators. It is manufactured out of high quality aerospace-grade aluminum, and is anodized black to match any microscope and provide years of trouble-free service.

This customized stage is compatible with the less-expensive microscope plane stage available on virtually all makes and models of inverted microscopes. It is designed to accommodate most common sizes of microscope slides (24mmx75mm or 1" x 3") 24mm x 50mm cover slips, and some 50-60mm Petri dishes.

How it works:

The GlideStage™ moves on the plane stage of your inverted microscope on a layer of viscous grease. Manipulation is smooth and predictable, eliminating the need to spend the extra money on a less precise mechanical XY stage or a very expensive motorized stage.

  • No moving parts to wear out, break, or require service
  • Permits microinjection with less expensive micromanipulators, saving over $5000 as compared with using a fine hydraulic or motorized micromanipulator!
  • Easy, intuitive control.
  • Eliminates the need for more expensive mechanical and motorized stages.

In 2019 we surveyed customers and incorporated their suggestions. Our GlideStage now has four larger steering knobs instead of two smaller ones, it can now support even a 22mm x 22mm cover slip, and we relieved the back so that short working distance objective can be swung into place from more angles without hitting the stage.

Bottom view of the GlideStage™


Q: How can I use a 75mm x 25mm slide or a cover slip given the cutouts on the GlideStage?
A: The long rectangle is designed to hold a 75mm x 25mm (or 3" x 1") slide. To use a 50mm x 24mm cover slip, there are two options: insert it perpendicular to the rectangle so that the corners of the short sides are supported by the edge of the circular cutout; or, for this and any other size coverslip, affix it over the opening for a slide by using something sticky like high viscosity grease on the corners or even with the surface tension of a drop of water between the edge of the cover slip and the GlideStage beneath it.

Q: My GlideStage is too hard to push. How can I reduce the friction?
A: Friction increases when the layer of grease gets too thin. Carefully remove the GlideStage and add more grease as per the GlideStage® manual. Friction can also be reduced by using a lower viscosity grease.

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