Tritech Custom Glidestage® for Microinjection

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The Tritech Research GlideStage® is a customized stage that provides a fine level of manual manipulation for microinjection at a fraction of the cost of motorized stage manipulators. It is manufactured out of high quality aerospace-grade aluminum, and is anodized black to match any microscope and provide years of trouble-free service.

This customized stage is compatible with the less-expensive microscope plane stage available on virtually all makes and models of inverted microscopes. It is designed to accommodate most common sizes of microscope slides (24mmx75mm or 1" x 3") 24mm x 50mm cover slips, and some 50-60mm Petri dishes.

How it works:

The GlideStage® moves on the plane stage of your inverted microscope on a layer of viscous grease. Manipulation is smooth and predictable, eliminating the need to spend the extra money on a less precise mechanical XY stage or a very expensive motorized stage.

  • No moving parts to wear out, break, or require service
  • Permits microinjection with less expensive micromanipulators, saving over $5000 as compared with using a fine hydraulic or motorized micromanipulator!
  • Easy, intuitive control.
  • Eliminates the need for more expensive mechanical and motorized stages.


Q: How can I use a 75mm x 25mm slide or a 50mm x 24mm cover slip given the cutouts on the GlideStage?
A: The long rectangle is designed to hold a 75mm x 25mm (or 3" x 1") slide. To use a 50mm x 24mm cover slip, insert it perpendicular to the rectangle so that the corners and short sides are supported by the edge of the circular cutout.

Q: My GlideStage is too hard to push. How can I reduce the friction?
A: Friction increases when the layer of grease gets too thin. Carefully remove the GlideStage and add more grease as per the GlideStage® manual. Friction can also be reduced by using a lower viscosity grease.

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