Heavy Base replacement for the MINJ-HBMB

MINJ-HB:  $91.89 - In Stock
This is a heavy steel base plate for mounting / attaching magnetic stands. The MINJ-HB is often purchased in conjunction with the GJ-1, GJ-8, or YOU-1 to position a micromanipulator next to a microscope. It has 4 non-slip, low-profile hard elastomeric feet, and the plate is coated in black so as not to reflect light during microscopy and to provide long, corrosion-free service.


Q: What are some alternative options for steel plates?
A: The smallest iron plate that we have is the IP-5
The reason that the MINJ-HB is thicker and the IP is larger is that we want all of our plates to be plenty heavy so as to securely support a micromanipulator hanging from a magnetic stand on the plate without the plate moving or tipping over.

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