microINJECTOR™ Heavy Magnetic Base

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Tritech Research has done the work to bring you an inexpensive, yet very robust and stable magnetic base/heavy base system suitable to mount micromanipulation equipment in tandem with compound or stereomicroscope systems. Several horizontal cross-bar diameters are available including 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm. A variety of heights are also available including 12 and 14 inch models.

      This system includes the black ferrous heavy base (approx. 5 lbs. with dimensions 4 inches x 5 inches x 3/4 inch) as well as the magnetic base, post, and horizontal cross-bar.

      Custom cross-bar diameters and ferrous base configurations and sizes are available, just call us for a quote.

The standard MINJ-HBMB can be used with 10mm outer diameter bar mount type manipulators including the MN-151; M-152; MN-153; MO-150; MO-155; WR-6; M-40B; BC-3; BC-4; BE-8; UM-3C; UM-3FC; UM-2FC; UM-2C; UM-1C; UM-1F; UM-1FC; UM-12F; and UM-12FC.

The MINJ-HBMB-12 can be used with 12mm outer diameter bar mount type manipulators including the MM-3; MMN-3; MMN-3R; MMN-33; MMN-33; MMN-333; MMN-330; M-3333; M-2; M-3; UMM-3C; UMM-3FC; UMMJ-3FC; UMM-2FC; and UMM-2C.


Q: If I screw the vertical metal bar into the magnetic base so that it is tight, I am then unable to flip the switch turning the magnet on and off. The vertical metal bar basically is touching and holding that piece in place so that it cannot be turned. How can this be fixed?
A: There should have been a silver-colored metal washer taped in the box with the magnetic stand. It is supposed to go over the threaded hole to act as a spacer so that you can screw the vertical pole in tightly without it reaching and rubbing on the part inside that turns when you use the On-Off switch.

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