Yeast Tetrad Dissection System Complete w/ Inverted Microscope, manipulator

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When your Yeast Genetics requires tetrad analysis of closely linked markers, you want a system that lets you dissect and grid out the spores of a large number of tetrads as quickly and easily as possible. Based only on "tradition", many labs use standard upright microscopes for tetrad dissection, resulting in a cumbersome operation: Petri dishes have to be viewed upside down and micromanipulation has to be performed under cramped conditions from below. Well, not anymore! Let the microscope be inverted, so you don't have to be.

Tritech Research has developed a complete Yeast Tetrad Dissection System based on a high quality inverted microscope. Now there is plenty of room for micromanipulation and illumination from the top side, and lots of room to change dishes, too. Our system costs much less than other commercial systems, and includes all these features:

- High-quality inverted Microscope
- Mechanical Joystick Micromanipulator w/ course + fine movement
- Choice of mechanical stage for easy gridding or our GlideStage®, which is our custom stage for rapid, simple, accurate micropositioning of cells

- Choice of Phase Contrast or Hoffman Modulation Contrast optics for lifelike 3-dimensional images
- Camera port for optional video or photography
- Fluorescence port to accept optional epi-fluorescence illuminator and filter cubes

You probably won't find a more practical and economical piece of equipment to add to your laboratory.


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