Three-Axis Coarse/Fine Joystick-Type Micromanipulator with Tilting Apparatus (Magnetic Mount)

MJ-2:  $4,594.59 - Discontinued
Narishige's MJ-2 is a three-axis coarse/fine micromanipulator freely fixed with a magnetic stand, with joystick control for better operability. Thanks to incorporation of a joystick, micro tools can be freely controlled on both X and Y planes. Rotating the lever changes the moving ratio, so adjustment is easy.

     Three-dimensional movement is possible, with coarse movement provided on the X and Y axes, and coaxial coarse and fine movement on the Z axis. The MJ-2 is firmly and freely attached by using the magnetic stand, and the approach angles can be set via the tilting plate.

Accessories H-1 Electrode Holder, Spanner, Tension Adjustment Pin,
Tension Adjustment Fixture, Allen Wrench
Movement range Coarse X45mm, Y20mm, Z25mm
Joystick fine movement 1:450 - 1:30
Z coaxial handle Full rotation of coarse knob 18mm
Full rotation of fine knob 200um
Dimensions/Weight W160 x D115 x H220mm, 2.9kg

*This is a Narishige "Group-2" special order item. Because it has to be custom-made for you, there is usually a 4-week lead time and it is non-cancellable and non-returnable once ordered.

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