Three-Axis Water Hydraulic Micromanipulator

MLW-3:  $7,837.84 - Discontinued
Designed for extremely fine movements while minimizing drift.

This water hydraulic micromanipulator has been developed for patch clamping. Employing the principle of leverage in the drive unit makes it possible to reduce the extent of movement to only 1/5 of conventional modes. A water hydraulic system, less affected by temperature changes, is employed in combination with a 1:5 cartridge, which significantly reduces drift to as little as 1/100 of that experienced with oil hydraulic manipulators. For more stability against vibration, a large, rigid coarse manipulator is equipped, with the UST-1, which can be firmly fixed to the manipulator while maintaining the setting of the pipette angle. Use of a drum type control section, which allows precise operation, makes this model ideal for experiments that require very fine movement and excellent stability over long periods of time.

*For attachment to the microscope, a suitable adaptor is required (sold separately).

*The micromanipulator can be mounted directly on the isolation table.

*This model can be firmly fixed to any part of the isolation table with GJ-12 thintype magnetic stand (sold separately).

*AP-14/AP-13-3 patch clamp headstage holders can be attached on the UST-1 solid universal joint, incorporated in the manipulator.

Accessories included UST-1 Solid Universal Joint, H-12 Electrode Holder,
CF-3 Tube Fixture, Allen Wrench
Movement range Coarse X30mm, Y30mm, Z30mm
Full rotation of knob approx. 4mm
Fine X400um, Y400um, Z400um
Full rotation of knob 10um
Minimum graduation 0.04um
Dimensions/Weight Control unit W115 x D115 x H132mm, 1.6kg
Drive unit W170 x D175 x H100mm, 1.15kg

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