Three-Axis Coarse/Fine Compact Micromanipulator

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Narishige's MM-3 is amongst the most popular three axis coarse/fine compact micromanipulator. Its smooth drive and stable controls have made the MM-3 a classic and popular micromanipulator for decades.  Single-axis fine movement in the same direction as the microelectrode or needle provides a high level of control when approaching a specimen.  The three-axes of coarse movement operate via strudy rack & pinion mechanisms, enabling the microelectrode or needle to be placed near the specimen quickly.

     Handles on both sides of the X- and Z-axis make this equipment suitable for both left- and right-handed operators, and a tension adjustment is also available to prevent the unit from dropping under its own weight.  If used properly, this model's smoothness and stability will remain unchanged even over several decades of use.

*The MM-3 mounts via an extra-heavy-duty 12mm mounting rod (not included).  For mounting next to the microscope or target, use the GJ-8 heavy-duty magnetic stand or equivalent equipment.  Contact us for other options if mounting directly to a microscope stage is required for maximum stability.

*It is possible to substitute a hydraulic micromanipulator, such as the MO-10, for the standard H-13 micropipette holder when remote control of X-axis is required.

Accessories included H-13 Electrode Holder, Clamp Rod, Allen Wrench
Movement range Coarse X40mm, Y20mm, Z35mm
Fine X7mm, Full rotation of knob 250um,
Minimum graduation 10um
Dimensions/Weight W105 x D70 x H145mm, 790g

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