Three-Axis Coarse DC Motor Drive Micromanipulator

MM-92:  $5,448.65
The MM-92 motor-drive coarse manipulator enables remote joystick controlled movement of a pipette into the microscope field of view, or out of the way when changing samples. This motorized micromanipulator is especially useful on large microscopes, where reaching for manual controls becomes more difficult. Control is easy, with the joystick right at the operator's hand and a return mechanism for fast specimen exchange. Though sold as a course manipulator, at its slowest speed of 0.1mm (100 microns) per second, it is actually possible to use the MM-92 to position things quite precisely.

This unit includes a dual power supply / motor control unit that is capable of running the included drive unit, plus a second micromanipulator as well, so, if you need two to manipulate things from both sides, your can order MM-92B as the additional drive unit.

MM-92 Control Unit

MM-92 can be placed upright with the use of the control box stand (PS-1).

Accessories included Power cord, Hex Wrench
Movement range Coarse X22mm, Y22mm, Z22mm
Driving speed 1.4mm/s (with use of high-speed button)
Maximum speed 0.7mm/s (with use of speed adjusting knob)
Minimum speed 0.1mm/s (with use of speed adjusting knob)
Power consumption Approx. 10W
Dimensions/Weight Control unit W204 x D135 x H62mm, 1.05kg
Controller W77 x D100 x H120mm, 530g, Connecting cable (1.2m)
Drive unit W80 x D116 x H146mm, 600g, Connecting cable (1.2m)

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