Three-Axis Coarse DC Motor Drive Micromanipulator

MM-92B:  $3,632.43
The MM-92B drive unit is an add-on motorized micromanipulator that is used with the second extra control unit included in the power supply of MM-92. Thus, motor drive operation on both sides is provided by combining MM-92 with MM-92B.

MM-92 Control Unit
Since the MM-92B does not include the control unit, MM-92 is required to use MM-92B.

Accessories included Power cord, Hex Wrench
Movement range Coarse X22mm, Y22mm, Z22mm
Driving speed 1.4mm/s (with use of high-speed button)
Maximum speed 0.7mm/s (with use of speed adjusting knob)
Minimum speed 0.1mm/s (with use of speed adjusting knob)
Power consumption Approx. 10W
Dimensions/Weight Control unit W204 x D135 x H62mm, 1.05kg
Controller W77 x D100 x H120mm, 530g, Connecting cable (1.2m)
Drive unit W80 x D116 x H146mm, 600g, Connecting cable (1.2m)

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