microMAGNIPULATOR® X-Y-Z Gliding Micropositioner

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At last there is a versatile micromanipulator for under $1000! The microMAGNIPULATOR® uses the same principle as our GlideStage® to allow you to accurately position your needle for microinjection. The surfaces of both the sliding needle positioner and glide base are greased, and held together by a powerful, adjustable magnet capable of pulling with over 100 pounds of force.

     The glide base is a 4" solid steel cube that weighs 20 pounds. Its mass and no-slip elastomeric feet help to dampen vibrations. X-Y control in the 10 micron range is accomplished either by pushing the sliding needle positioner directly with your hand, or via threaded push bolts. Z control is accomplished using a fine threaded adjustment knob. Over 3 cm of X and Y movement and over 1 cm of Z movement are possible.

     The verstile needle positioning stand can be user-configured in a variety of ways to hold your needle at the height and angle you prefer. And, what goes between the Tritech Research microINJECTOR™ and microMAGNIPULATOR (or anybody else's microinjection/micromanipulation system, for that matter)? You need a high-quality Straight-arm Needle Holder to couple the pressure to your glass capillary needle, and the needle to the micromanipulator. Now you don't have to pay $150 for Leitz-style compression fitting Needle Holders, because you can get our solid brass, silicone rubber compression fitting Needle Holder!

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