Miniature Three-Axis Coarse/Fine Micromanipulator (with Rotation,Pivot,Tilt Mechanism)

MMN-330:  $2,081.08 - Special Order
Narishige's MMN-330 is a miniature 3-axis coarse/fine micromanipulator with pivot and tilt mechanisms for accurate position adjustment. Like the MM-3, single-axis fine movement is equipped on this manipulator in the same direction as the microelectrode, helping to ensure a careful approach to the specimen. X-and Z-axis handles are placed on both sides, for both left- and right-handed users, and feature hardness adjustment to prevent them dropping under their own weight. Pivot and tilt mechanisms are also incorporated to enable very precise positioning adjustment.

*Use GJ-8 magnetic stand or equivalent equipment to attach this model.
*Attachment to the side of microscope stage is possible by using P-1B height adjustment plate (sold separately) and a suitable mounting adaptor.
*Changing the H-1 that attaches the manipulator to optional oil hydraulic micromanipulator such as MO-10 enables remote controlled X axis fine movement.

Accessories H-1 Electrode Holder, Clamp Rod, Allen Wrench
Movement range Coarse X40mm, Y20mm, Z35mm
Fine X7mm, Full rotation of knob 250um
Minimum graduation 10um
  Wish pivot and tilt mechanism, With rotation mechanism
Dimensions/Weight W110 x D70 x H160mm, 1.1kg

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