Miniature Three-Axis Coarse/Fine Micromanipulator (with Pivot,Tilt Mechanism)

MMN-333:  $1,843.24 - Special Order
Narishige's MMN-333 is a miniature 3-axis coarse/fine micromanipulator with pivot and tilt mechanisms for accurate position adjustment.

Like the MM-3, single-axis fine movment is equipped on this manipulator in the same direction as the microelectrode, helping to ensure a careful approach to the specimen. X- and Z-axis handles are placed on both sides, for both left- and right-handed users, and feature hardness adjustment to prevent them from dropping under their own weight. Pivot and tilt mechanisms are also incorporated to enable very precise positioning adjustment.

*Use GJ-8 magnetic stand or equivalent equipment to attach this model.
*Changing the H-1 that attaches the manipulator to optional oil hydraulic micromanipulator such as MO-10 enables remote controlled X axis fine movement.
*For details of using the Type A microscope mounting adaptor, please contact us.

Accessories H-1 Electrode Holder, Clamp Rod, Allen Wrench
Movement range Coarse X40mm, Y20mm, Z35mm
Fine X7mm, Full rotation of knob 250um
Minimum graduation 10um
  With pivot and tilt mechanism
Dimensions/Weight W110 x D70 x H150mm, 900g

*This is a Narishige "Group-2" special order item. Because it has to be custom-made for you, there is usually a 4-week lead time and it is non-cancellable and non-returnable once ordered. Prices for Group-2 items change often, and, like all of our website prices are subject to change without notice, so always double-check with us prior to placing an order for this item.

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