Three-Axis Joystick Type Oil Hydraulic Fine Micromanipulator

MMO-202N:  $6,486.49 - Discontinued
This oil hydraulic joystick micromanipulator offers smooth three-dimensional movement control with a single lever. Since upright type joysticks are often too high and must be operated with the arms in an uncomfortably raised position, this unit is ergonomically designed so that the overall height is positioned lower for easier operation. The hand rest, which is separated from the main body, has a sloping surface corresponding to the height, while a built-in magnet feature allows it to be freely fixed at any position. In addition, the overall design is compact enough for users to operate the joystick and handles without moving their hands.

The Narishige MM0-202N has been discontinued and has been replaced by the MMO-202ND as an alternate solution for your hydraulic micromanipulation needs.

Accessories included IP Iron Plate, UT-2 Universal Joint,
CF-3 Tube Fixture, Allen Wrench
Movement range Fine X10mm, Y10mm, Z10mm
Full rotation of knob: 250um
Minimum graduation: 2.5um
joystick (maximum movement in X-Y plane) 2mm
Dimensions/Weight Control unit W75 x D75 x H115mm, 0.85kg
Drive unit W70 x D50 x H80mm, 0.15kg

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