Three-Axis Joystick Type Oil Hydraulic Fine Micromanipulator

MMO-202ND:  $7,675.68 - In Stock
Narishige's MMO-202ND micromanipulator features an oil hydraulic joystick enabling smooth three-dimensional movement with a single lever. Since the joystick is the hanging type, it can be manipulated with the user's arms and hands placed comfortably on the table. Operation is therefore done in a natural posture, and can be maintained for longer periods. Among other features promoting ease of use are the movable ratio adjustment section located on top of the control unit, and the unit's familiar rounded design instead of the more angular shape seen on conventional equipment. As one of our most popular micromanipulators, the MMO-202ND is highly recommended.

*For attachment to the microscope, a coarse manipulator and suitable adaptor are required (sold separately).
*Select Type B adaptor for mounting this manipulator in combination with MMN-1 coarse manipulator.
*Changing the universal joint that attaches the micromanipulator to such double pipette holder as HDO-20 (sold separately) enables performance of embryo biopsy.
*Changing the universal joint that attaches the micromanipulator to MMO-220A/MMO-220B single-axis oil hydraulic micromanipulator enables four-dimensional remote controlled movement.

Accessories included IP Iron Plate, UT-2 Universal Joint,
CF-3 Tube Fixture, Allen Wrench
Movement range Fine X10mm, Y10mm, Z10mm
Full rotation of knob: 250um
Minimum graduation: 2.5um
joystick (for maximum movement in X-Y plane) 2mm
Dimensions/Weight Control unit W165 x D80 x H175mm, 1.85kg
Drive unit W70 x D50 x H80mm, 0.15kg

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